Write & Design provides ‘Specialized Writing & Designing’ services for domains including Business, Management, Medical Affairs, Clinical R+D, Medical Marketing, Creative Content, Online Marketing, Economics, and Financial Management.

Specialized Fields of Work

W&D understands your Business Area and Scope

The Write & Design team provides Writing & Designing services for Specialized Fields including Business Management, Medical Research, Clinical Research, Medical Marketing, Creative Content, Online Marketing, Economics, and Financial Management. Our work is backed by years of collective experience (academic and professional) in each of these Specialized Domains. Also, our Writing & Designing outputs are supported by in-depth professional understanding and research in each of these Specialized Domains.

High Impact & Targeted

W&D communicates your Business to your Target Audience

The key for successful Online Content is the Impact it creates on the Target Audience. Our Writing & Designing assignments are structured on global Business Management models. Our Writing & Designing is modelled to generate the DESIRED IMPACT on: 1. Your Business Revenue 2. Your Client needs 3. In a Visually Communicative manner and 4. In your Specialized Domain of business operations.

For example, we communicate advanced and prolix Scientific, Medical, or Business Management topics, in an easy-to-understand language, for your target audience. Our writing work is supported by relevant Visual Designs (original illustrations, images, artwork) to further simplify some complex concepts and ideas.


W&D language skills are Certified

The W&D team specializes in producing high-end and high-quality content, using refined and polished English language skills. Our language skills are IELTS Certified. But that is just the beginning. We love to employ our language & communication skills to generate original, creative, and focused Written Content to match your work requirements. This communication can mean highly Advanced Scientific Concepts to be explained to a target audience with matching scientific qualifications and training. But, it can also mean explaining Specific Medical Concepts (like Cancer Research) to the global patient population (varied educational backgrounds) across the world.

We like to use our language skills as an asset that we can customize to meet specific client and target audience requirements.


W&D complements its writing with meaningful Visual Designs

The business purpose of Write & Design is Effective Communication, and not merely generating written content. The Write & Design team believes that Visual Design and Art-Work are a vital part of effective communication. Our designing work embodies the phrase ‘a picture is worth a thousand words’. We value the importance of the written content. We know that when complemented with appropriate Visual Design, ideas and concepts can be understood more quickly and effectively. Our Visual Design work includes individual Illustrations, Images, PowerPoint Presentations, Brochures and Brand Alignment Projects (websites, business plans, reports, etc.).

Business Case Analysis

Write to us @ riteanddesign@gmail.com, for a free Business Case Analysis customized to your specific Business requirements.

We provide Specialized Writing & Designing for Marketing, Analyses, Business Plans, & Reports.

We provide Specialized Online Consultation for your Business Projects & Management requirements.

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