SAM & NEEL Consulting is our parent business.

We operate in three business segments:

  • Traditional Consulting: SAM & NEEL Consulting
  • Content Marketing: Write & Design
  • Online Consulting Platform: The Consulting Screen

Industry Sectors

Specialty Expertise & Networking across the following industry sectors:


Years of experience and expertise across the following global markets:


We are a husband and wife team. We use our complimentary qualities to our advantage. At times adventurous, at times a smooth cruise; but at all times an awesome, enriching experience. Our personal goal in this business is an integral part of a much wider picture; the dreams of our global connections, who have believed in us, stood by us, trusted us, and stayed associated with our business throughout our long journey.

Nilesh Atre, MD, MBA

20+ years’ global experience in EU, US & INDIA: in Pharma R+D and Business Management.

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Janhavi Atre, MA, MFM, PhD

10+ years’ global experience in EU, US & INDIA: in Online Marketing, Content Writing, Business Consulting.

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