Operational Planning & Content

May 10, 2017 

The Assignment

To design business management processes & systems for a Hospitality Industry Group. It also involved the creation of a reference body of content, tools, and systems that encompass the entire spectrum of Business Management processes (incl. Operations, Strategy, Marketing, HR & Training).

The Approach

Understanding and delineating the broad & extensive scope of the project is mandatory. An all-encompassing vision is the beginning point. Effective dialogue with the leadership team helps foster a communication platform to ensure the inclusion of all elements vital for the extensive scope.

The Solution

A Working Plan is critical to allocate sufficient and necessary resources to all areas of the assignment. High-level planning helped design a super-structure for all the protocols, documents, tools, and system elements of the project. The team developed all the content to suit the client’s expectations, in a specific timeline and budget limitation.